Crossing the field lines

Next time when you have your meal, pray for those farmers who toil day in and out putting their life at stake.

Vast majority of these farmers are illiterate and they don’t know how to adapt to changing climate, inflation rates and every political party are banking on this! Whenever an IT layoff happens there are voices from different fractions who analyse the situation, forecast or discuss on what next. But a farmer undergoes ‘recession’ each time when a monsoon fails or when inflation hits the market.

I feel like whatever happening now may have a political shade to it. But leaving that aside have we ever thought of the pain a farmer bears from taking a loan in investing in crops and wait for the returns!

We are exploiting the illiteracy of a farmer and happily picking up those packets of dal, wheat… Even I’m in that insidious bunch. Support them at the least. Digital India, 4G, startups are all good but the balancing act needs to be done. Understanding that one who feeds you is the God, the idea gets simpler!